Want to make the most of your hard-earned money by exploring profitable property investment and creating a passive income stream?

When it comes to building a property portfolio and meeting your responsibilities as a landlord, it pays to listen to the experts.

Fortunately, the team of investment professionals at The Mistoria Group has years of invaluable experience identifying the most lucrative property investment opportunities in the UK.

To help you transform your property portfolio from a one-page wonder into a million-pound empire, we explain how to build a property portfoliothat will increase your income.

How to start a property portfolio

You might be aware of the practicalities of investing in property, but there’s a lot more though that goes into building a property portfolio that’s truly successful.

Keen to learn more? Simply follow our essential steps to starting and building a property portfolio in the UK that experienced and amateur investors alike will envy.

Conduct your research

Before you opt for the first property investment opportunity that crosses your path, it’s crucial you do your market research. This involves identifying key locations, figuring out how much you’ll need to spend (as well as your budget), and estimating how much value you hope to gain from the investment.

From here, you can decide between a wide range of property investment types and strategies, such as Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs), Buy-to-Let properties (BTLs), student accommodation, and commercial properties. A variety of factors including the purchase price, ongoing costs, rental demand, target tenant, and location hotspots, will affect which property investment is right for you.

It’s therefore worth discussing your options with a property investment expert to discover which opportunities are low-risk with high Return on Investment (ROI) potential.

Here at The Mistoria Group, we can help you to future-proof your property investment portfolio through diversification and professional advice that suits your investment needs.

Start off small

Your first investment property is often your most important. Instead of spreading your time and resources across several properties, it’s generally a good idea to start your property investmentportfolio with just one, low-risk investment. From here, you can quickly grow your portfolio once you start to see some success.

Begin to scale your property investment portfolio

With the first property under your belt, you can start to expand, either until you’re making a steady, passive income or until you’re turning a more significant profit. Diversifying your portfolio with a variety of investment types or taking advantage of a lucrative niche can both be profitable avenues to explore.

To figure out which property investment route is best, we always recommend discussing your options with a property investment professional. At The Mistoria Group, we can help you to scale your property investment portfolio by providing you with funding solutions, like joint venture, merchant, or armchair investments – whichever works best for your specific needs.

Consider property management services

If you’re concerned about having enough time to manage your tenants as your property investment portfolio grows, we recommend hiring a property manager.

A property manager’s role can involve a variety of tasks relating to managing tenants and the property, like marketing vacant properties, hiring contractors for repairs, and collecting rent on your behalf.

Naturally, this dedicated service comes at a cost, but it gives you more time to research other property investment opportunities and expand your property investment portfolio.

Start building your property portfolio today

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