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Mistoria Renovations have the professional expertise and experience to make your dream property become a reality.

Over the last few years we have undertaken a number of new build projects on behalf of our clients, helping them turn their vision into a real, tangible and cost-effective masterpiece.

The concept of building your own property from scratch is arguably one of the most exciting, yet frightening prospects you can undertake. From the moment you ‘acquire’ your building plot, through the planning and actual construction stage, you get to see your dreams unfold and take shape before your very eyes…

However, knowing that you have the expertise of a highly skilled and qualified project management team undertaking and guiding your every action, ensures the ‘exciting’ emotion remains and does not turn into the dreaded nightmare scenario we have all seen on the TV. You can rest assured that every action has been carefully weighed and measured to ensure you receive the optimum service, a fantastic project that has come in on time and within budget, without any of the last minute hitches or problems that can see even the best projects stall or accrue unforeseen expenses that could so easily turn your dream into a real-life nightmare.

The idea of watching your own purpose-built home ‘grow from that simple piece of land’, constructed to your own exact specifications and requirements, is one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures you will ever undertake, whilst also serving to provide a genuine alternative to the modern day boxes with a roof that we have come to expect as the industry standard.

Whatever style of house you wish to undertake, be it traditional, contemporary, eco-friendly or even an ultra-modern style that incorporates the latest hi-tech materials, whilst making the most of the natural light, our project team have the expertise to make your dreams come true. We will also source the highest grade materials at the most competitive prices to ensure you receive the best quality build and finish that money can buy.

Mistoria Renovations services include:

  • Full design and build
  • Planning and permit applications
  • Professional services and building processes
  • Full certification and comprehensive warranties
  • Procurement of the highest quality products
  • Superb professional finish
  • Landscaping services (if required)
  • Full furnishing and decorating (if required)

So, if the idea of building your own home appeals to you and you wish to be backed by one of the best, most experienced and professional ‘teams’ in the industry, why not give us a call and see how we can help you translate your dream into a tangible reality…

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