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Undertaking a renovations project no matter how large or small can be a daunting task. At Mistoria Renovations we understand that time is money. We also know that choosing the right professionals, the right builders and ensuring you get the highest quality materials money can buy can take considerable time and planning and is no easy task. Before a wall is touched or a tile removed there are a multitude of legal aspects to consider including compliance with the ever-changing building regulations and codes, which appear to become stricter by the day, building permits and applications have to be lodged and before you know it…..a few weeks have gone by with little to show for all your hard work and expense!

Yet, there is an easier way… Mistoria Renovations offer a holistic and complete renovation/building solution specifically designed and tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements. We provide a complete ‘one-stop shop’ ensuring your ideas and dreams are transferred from the conceptual into reality, leaving you with a high quality, professional job that will bring you pleasure for years to come, in addition to adding considerable value to your property.

By utilising our specialist team comprised of chartered surveyors and highly experienced and qualified building specialists you are guaranteed to save both time and money, whilst being assured of receiving the highest quality services and a superior end product. Having developed into a major contractor, we have gained significant experience across a variety of areas including the conversion of residential property into industry leading Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) for the student and professional rental markets, full residential conversions (including turning unused ‘dark’ spaces such as garages, lofts and cellars into bright and airy living areas that can add considerable value to your investment), hotel refurbishments along with bar and restaurant conversions. Our extensive experiences and contacts ensure that we can cut through the ‘red-tape’ and get your project moving as soon as you are ready. In addition, you can also rest assured that we source only the highest quality materials at vastly discounted rates owing to the economies of scale our business generates, these cost savings naturally are then passed onto you.

Mistoria Renovations provide:

  • One contact with a 12 months warranty for the work carried out
  • Weekly Project Monitoring System supported with progress updates and picture.
  • Hotel Standard Finishing, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living areas supported with TVs and iPod docking station
  • Highly experienced and qualified professionals

All this equates to considerable savings in time, money and stress, whilst also ensuring a substantial reduction in project lead times. With all these services on offer and available from the same supplier, why look anywhere else?

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If you’re looking for a property refurbishment company in Salford, Bolton, Liverpool or Manchester then look no further than Mistoria Renovations.

We offer a range of renovation and refurbishment services for domestic and commercial properties across the North West. Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to help with your project, from start to finish.

Our main aim is to help your creative vision come to life, and with plenty of experience and knowledge of the property renovation business – we’re a brilliant choice for your project.

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