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Sell your house quickly with one the leading property companies in the North West. We have a range of options that will allow you to quickly sell your property.


The Property Sourcing Company is committed to revolutionizing the property transaction process, making it faster, more efficient, and seamless for cash buyers and sellers alike. Our mission is to connect motivated sellers with serious buyers, facilitating transactions that can close within 28 days. By offering a streamlined service that prioritizes speed and value, we aim to create win-win situations for both parties, ensuring quick, hassle-free sales and purchases.


Our core offerings are centered around sourcing below-market-value deals for cash buyers ready to purchase quickly and providing a swift sale solution for sellers looking to dispose of their properties within a tight timeframe. Our services include a comprehensive property sourcing strategy that leverages our extensive network and market knowledge to identify the best investment opportunities. For sellers, we offer a rapid sales process, underpinned by our vast pool of ready-to-proceed buyers, ensuring that we can quickly match properties with the right investors.

Value Proposition

The value proposition of The Property Sourcing Company lies in our ability to simplify and expedite the property transaction process. For cash buyers, we provide access to exclusive, below-market-value deals that are not available through traditional channels, coupled with the assurance of a quick and straightforward purchase process. For sellers, our network of ready investors and our expertise in quick sales ensure that properties can be sold swiftly, without the usual uncertainties and delays associated with the open market. Our commitment to efficiency, transparency, and value makes us the go-to source for investors seeking speedy transactions and sellers needing fast, reliable sales solutions.

Contact us today for an immediate property valuation and guaranteed cash offer all within a few days, not weeks or months!

If you want to sell your home quickly, don’t worry we want to buy it, we are ready and waiting just get in touch today.

One of our qualified property advisors will take you through our process, there’s no need for estate agents and their associated fees. Your property will be sold as quickly as we can arrange it.

We are North West Property Specialists and manage hundreds of transactions each year. We cover all areas of the region including Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Salford, Worsley, Cheadle and the surrounding area.

Please get in touch today and we can start your quick property sale.


Due to a high number of investors looking to invest, now is a great time to sell your property!

Our professional acquisitions and sales team have
an abundance of local knowledge and are best
placed to help sell your property.

Property Sourcing co -£500 induction fee

* Either a £500 introduction fee or a £500 off sales fees to sell. For example, the fee from the vendor would be £1000 fee plus VAT = £1200, minus the £500 offer = £700 fee to the vendor.


There are many reasons why people are looking to sell their house quickly, these aren’t always for negative reasons, sometimes it just makes sense to release the equity you have in your home and use it elsewhere.


If you have reached a major change in your life either because you have a new job or are looking to retire, you wish to sell your current property. Wherever you're relocating, we can help you sell your home without the hassle; our direct house buying service means you can avoid a long and costly property chain.


Divorce is always difficult and it may be that a quick, hassle free sale at as good a price as possible is what suits both parties. We can buy your house immediately, giving you one less thing to worry about during what is going to be a difficult time. Having the cash available so that it can be shared between you sooner rather than later can reduce one source of stress.


Have you recently inherited a property? Wherever in the country it may be, you may be considering to sell this property quickly and to avoid any strenuous legal fees associated with dealing with an inherited property. For a quick sale and for a guaranteed offer for the value of the house, selling your house to us may be your best offer.


As we move through our life, different priorities occur at different times. Health, children, job location all have an impact on our current needs. Is your house too big to manage now? Do you need to cater for some specific health issues you may be dealing with? The Property Sourcing Company can provide you with a quick sale to help you find somewhere more suited to your current lifestyle needs.


We all have times of financial hardship and the last year has been no exception. If you need to release the equity you have in your home to alleviate this hardship, selling quickly may be your priority. We will buy your house and release these funds to you quickly so you can get back on your feet and move forward.


In extreme areas of financial hardship you may be facing the repossession of your home. If this is the case we ask you get in touch right away as speed of action is critical. We can offer you a quick house sale, immediately releasing equity and enabling you to stop your mortgage lender or creditor from repossessing your home.


We are a Property Business with over 10 years trading in the North West. We buy houses from a wide variety of sellers and in all areas across the North West.

Areas we cover include Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Bolton, Cheadle, Worsley, Little Hulton, Walkden, Eccles, Broughton and Little Lever.

We will of course cover other areas so if you have a property to sell and need to sell it fast, please get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your House Fast

Often people are worried about selling their house fast but don’t worry, it is a perfectly normal process and one that can often help you get out of a problem financial situation.

When you sell your house to us it is a simple transaction between you and us. You will not be entering a chain of buyers and sellers, with each sale dependent on the others going through. This is one of the reasons selling your house is a slow and stressful process. The whole chain can collapse just at the point of sale if one person pulls out. Then you have to start again. With our process we are the buyer and you are the seller. It is much simpler and less likely to run into problems.

The first stage is for one our property team to value your property. We will do a property survey using a professional surveyor to check your house for any structural issues and make sure we know of any problems that need correcting. This doesn’t mean we wont buy your house, we just need to know it’s current condition so that we can make you a fair offer.

After the survey and valuation is complete we will make you a cash offer and you can consider that and let us know if you accept our offer.

If you do accept then we instruct our solicitor and move on with the sale process.

After the survey and valuation is complete we will make you a cash offer and you can consider that and let us know if you accept our offer.

If you accept our offer. then we instruct our solicitors and move on with the sale process. It will be our solicitors who manage the majority of the sales process and they will ask you some straightforward questions about your home and then ask you to be ready to sign the contract.

After the contracts are signed and exchanged the sale will definitely go ahead.


This is one of the main advantages of selling your home directly to a buyer like us, we will make you an offer and buy your house and there are no fees to pay. Unlike an Estate Agency that has to charge for marketing, admin fees and advertising costs, we can remove all of those from the cost of the sale.

When we say “Cash Only Sale” it means we have the funds available to buy your property right away. You don’t have to wait for us to apply for a mortgage, send around a surveyor for the mortgage company, wait for their report, negotiate if they have issues to raise.

We have the funds, we can make the decision quickly, there are no mortgage related delays to worry about. You can have the funds in your bank account quickly.

Due to a high number of investors looking to invest in property, now is a great time to sell. Our professional acquisitions and sales team have an abundance of local knowledge and experience. They are best placed to help sell your property quickly and stress free.


Our team of North West property professionals are ready to help with your property sale. Please get in touch and we can talk you through the process.