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Armchair Investment

Considering investing your hard-earned money into property for the first time? Would you rather take a hands-on approach or leave the management to the experts? Armchair property investment provides the perfect opportunity for investors to buy and own an investment property outright in their own name. Armchair investing can also be financed using a mortgage…

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Merchant Investment

Merchant provides the investors with the opportunity to purchase either a residential or a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) property Below Market Value (BMV) in their own names by tapping into the sourcing expertise of The Mistoria Group, prior to funding the renovation and refurbishment costs resulting in a high value, lower cost investment property…

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Joint Venture Investment

Eager to invest your money in property, but struggling to afford the substantial start-up costs? A joint venture property investment could be the profitable opportunity you’ve been searching for. When you choose to make a joint venture property purchase, all the profits, losses and costs are shared between the involved participants, making this type of…


Student Property Investment

As the appeal for student property investments continues to grow throughout the UK, why not make the most of this high-yielding investment opportunity? Typically offering impressive financial returns that are both higher and longer than new buy-to-let properties, student accommodation is also in high demand and is often run by a dedicated student housing management…

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Buy-To-Let Property Investment

Why should you consider a buy-to-let investment? Buy-to-let tends to be more readily understood by the general masses as providing a secure investment (if you can find a long-term tenant) with safe but modest returns. As with the joint venture and armchair opportunities, full ownership of the property title is transferred to the investor upon…

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Balanced Portfolios

If you are looking to develop a recession proof and future proof property investment portfolio, it may be prudent to consider a mixture or variety of property investment opportunities. Although you can’t go wrong with an Armchair investment as everything from the sourcing to the furnishing to the placing and management of tenants on behalf…

Overseas Property Investment in UK

Overseas Property Investment in UK

UK Property Investment for Overseas Investors If you’re an overseas investor looking to significantly increase your income and capital growth potential by expanding your UK property portfolio, look no further than leading property investment company, Mistoria Group. Regardless of whether you’re keen to create a range of profitable holiday home rentals, invest in a secondary…

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