It’s no secret that high-yielding HMO’s (houses of multiple occupation) typically make for lucrative property investment opportunities, but how can you accelerate the growth of your HMO portfolio?

The team at Mistoria Group has more than 200 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured that our top tips for HMO deal sourcing are coming from leading industry experts.

How to build your HMO portfolio?

Below, we explore how you can boost your portfolio of HMO properties by following three key rules. This includes committing to just one successful strategy, reinvesting your capital into building your HMO portfolio and always enlisting the support of those with know-how. We explain further each one of these crucial HMO property investment rules next.

Stick to one strategy

Once you’ve found an effective HMO investment strategy (whether that’s targeting the thriving student accommodation market or reaching out to young professionals), it’s important to stick to it. Spreading yourself too thin or exploring too many ineffective strategies could reduce your profits and lead to unwanted distractions. Instead, utilise just one effective strategy to quickly scale up your HMO property empire.

Reinvest capital

While reaping all the rewards of your first HMO investment may be tempting, it’s important to set a significant proportion of this money aside for future opportunities. We recommend pulling out as much funding from each deal and using that capital to reinvest into more HMO property. Ultimately, reinvesting this capital in key areas can help to boost your overall revenue and profit.

Build an expert team

Overseeing multiple HMO renovation projects and managing numerous HMO properties, require a solid team of experienced and capable professionals. From letting agents that take care of the day-to-day running of a HMO to the team of trades required to refurbish tired properties into modern HMOs, investing in your staff is essential to expanding your property portfolio with ease.

Build your HMO portfolio with Mistoria Group

Mistoria Group is composed of a range of bespoke companies to ensure our team of chartered accountants, letting agents, and investment professionals can provide everything your property empire requires with ease.

Thanks to invaluable cumulative experience in the UK property investment and management industry, we aim to deliver only the best results for our clients.

With regards to building your HMO property portfolio, we can call on knowledge gathered over time in HMO deal sourcing, ensuring our qualified team select only the best properties for your investment requirements. From sourcing to taxation, we can handle it all, so why not get in touch today to find out how we can expand your property empire?

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