If you live outside of the UK and are an investor looking at the market, you may naturally look first in London. The Mistoria Group believe however that the North West of England and in particular areas such as Salford, Bolton and Liverpool are strong areas for property investment and ones that will bring you a high yield.

Manchester and Salford are two cities joined geographically so that unless you are a local, you won’t necessarily know if you are in one or the other. The BBC for example have a large presence in Salford at Media City which is a very short distance from Old Trafford the home of Manchester United.

From an investment perspective the large student population in both Manchester and Salford mean that the HMO property investment market is a strong one with a ready supply of tenants year on year bringing you solid rental income as well as capital growth in the value of the property itself. Mistoria were founded in Salford and we are the market leader for HMO investments in the city so would be happy to introduce you to the area and show you the deals we currently have available.

Liverpool is a world famous city and also one with a large student population. Although it has not been as quick to develop as Greater Manchester the last few years have seen strong growth and a huge effort to catch up with its North West rival. With its World Heritage waterfront the city has secured a wave of significant inward investments which means that more and more students and others are being drawn to the city.

This in itself brings property investment opportunities as many areas around the Universities are being redeveloped to cope with the demand for better quality, affordable accommodation. This is one of the reasons Mistoria opened an office in the city and continues to grow our presence there.

Consider an HMO for your next investment. Obviously there is a lot of things to discuss before making any property investment but we think we can show you how an HMO property in the North West of England makes a lot of sense for an investor looking to build their portfolio.

HMO Property Investments North West

The Mistoria Group is a high yielding student property investment specialist, offering HMOs and armchair investments in the North West of the UK, generating combined net cash yield up to 13% (Rental and Capital Growth). For more information on the firm’s current available investments and the services it offers, email at info@mistoriagroup.com or call 0800 500 3016.