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For HMO investment specialists in Liverpool, Salford, Manchester, Bolton and the surrounding areas, look no further than the highly-experienced team at The Mistoria Group. Our property investment services are designed to make your life as a property investor and landlord as straightforward as possible.

If you’re an experienced property investor, then you’ll already be aware that any house of multiple occupation (HMO) properties come with a list of statutory requirements that you must comply with.

To ensure you never overlook an important regulation, The Mistoria Group, one of the leading property investment companies in the North West of England, offers a full portfolio of services for the HMO investor.


Mistoria Investments is dedicated to setting the standard in high-yield property investment, focusing on the student and professional accommodation sectors. Our mission is to empower investors with opportunities that not only provide significant returns but also contribute to the development of quality living spaces. Through strategic acquisition and management of properties in key locations, we aim to maximize investor returns while ensuring tenants have access to comfortable, well-managed accommodation.


Our core offerings revolve around sourcing, acquiring, and managing high-yielding investment properties. We specialize in the student and professional accommodation markets, identifying opportunities that offer strong growth potential and robust returns. Our comprehensive investment solution includes market analysis, property acquisition, renovation management, and property management services, ensuring a hands-off investment experience for our clients. We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to build investment portfolios that are tailored to meet the financial goals and risk tolerance of our investors.

Value Proposition

Mistoria Investments’ value proposition lies in our expertise in the high-yield property market and our comprehensive approach to investment management. We differentiate ourselves through our ability to deliver a complete end-to-end investment service, from identifying lucrative opportunities to managing the day-to-day operations of the property. Our investors benefit from our deep understanding of the market, meticulous property selection, and proactive management approach, all of which contribute to maximizing investment returns. By partnering with Mistoria Investments, clients gain access to exclusive investment opportunities, expert market insights, and the peace of mind that comes from investing with a leader in high-yield property investments.

Sourcing your HMO property

Finding the right property is crucial to any investment and even more so when considering an HMO investment. You may find the perfect size and format of a building, but if it’s in the wrong location, you’ll struggle to keep your rooms occupied. Ultimately, empty rooms and higher rental void periods mean a lower rental yield – something landlords want to avoid at all costs.

At Mistoria Group, our local knowledge and decades of experience in this industry ensure we only select properties that are not just physically right but are also in the perfect location, with good transport links and easy access to local amenities. This makes renting easier and keeps your occupancy levels high.

This is where our property sourcing service comes into play to save investors both time and money conducting this local research. We find properties that need refurbishment and have the right layout to allow reception rooms to become bedrooms while still maintaining the necessary communal space for a successful HMO conversion.

Ensuring HMO regulatory compliance

Not every property can be converted into an HMO as there are rules for the standards required.

These are mainly concerned with issues surrounding health and safety such as fire protection, as well as ensuring room sizes and facilities are suitable for the number of occupants in a building.

These regulations can also vary from region to region because different councils will have their own policies that must be adhered to. Luckily, we take the confusion out of investing in an HMO as we advise on what to do to make your investment fully compliant with local legislation. We are experts in this field, with hundreds of HMOs under our specialist management and a growing list of successfully completed conversions.

Unsure if your property requires an HMO licence? We take on this work for you and ensure all of the necessary paperwork is in place for your peace of mind. This gives our valued investors time to search for their next profitable property investment or to pursue other personal or professional ventures.

About HMO

Why are HMOs
 good investments?

Now more than ever, HMO properties are an important part of the UK housing market as there is a growing demand for affordable housing. By using a single source company, such as Mistoria Group, you can create a successful property investment portfolio with minimal personal effort.

To speak to us about our current HMO property investment opportunities or to enquire about our HMO property investment services, please use our contact page to get in touch.

Managing HMO occupants

Having sourced the right property, following its purchase, we have a fully trained, expert team of tradesmen who will carry out the conversion work. This includes reconfiguring the room layout as necessary; refurbishing any major elements such as the roof or damp-proof courses; rewiring and re-plumbing as needed and then redecorating the whole property to ensure it meets your tenants’ standards.

The final step is to add furniture and white goods throughout to ensure the whole property is ready for use as quickly as possible. Eager to find out more about HMO conversions? Please watch our CEO Mish Liyanage on the BBC television programme Homes under the Hammer explaining one of our successful HMO conversions in Liverpool.

High-yielding HMO property investment

Boasting some of the highest rental yields on the private market, HMO properties in teh UK make an attractive investment for landlords, property developers and investors.

Benefiting from tax discounts, fewer rental void periods and less exposure to arrears, a HMO property investment offers investors (even foreign investors) a range of perks.

Not to mention, HMO properties are currently in high-demand thanks to their affordability, making these opportunities even more lucrative and profitable for potential investors.

Searching for high yielding property investments in the North West England? As an HMO property investment company in UK, our expert team at Mistoria Group make sourcing the perfect property an effortless and hassle-free process.

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