Eager to expand your rental portfolio? Regardless of whether you’re considering exploring new property investment opportunities or spending more capital on strengthening your current strategy, there are many ways that you can add to your portfolio of properties. From diversifying your property investments to enlisting professional help, learn how to build a property portfolio that’s profitable and successful from the experts at The Mistoria Group.

Is it worth building a property portfolio?

While one or two properties may be enough to generate extra revenue on top of your main income stream, building a property portfolio can be a more profitable option.

If your long-term investment aims include wanting to retire early or generate a steady, passive income for yourself, then you may want to consider building a property portfolio.

How many properties do you need to be a portfolio landlord?

A ‘portfolio landlord’ is defined as a landlord that has at least four or more BTL (Buy-to-Let) mortgaged properties. If you want to build a property portfolio, you should therefore aim for at least four investment properties, especially if you want to be taken seriously as an investor.

How many properties do you need to make a living in the UK?

If the key goal of building a property portfolio for yourself is to generate a steady, passive income, then you’ll want to know exactly how many properties are required to make a living in the UK.

Unfortunately, the exact number of properties you need will naturally vary depending on your own financial situation (such as whether you own your home), your location, and your expected (or desired) yearly income.

For example, if you have a monthly salary of £2000, you may require between four and seven BTL properties to replace this income.

Alternatively, you could generate a similar amount of income by opting for a property investment opportunity with higher returns, like an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation).

You’ll be able to get a more accurate picture of the number of properties required to make a living in the UK by dividing your desired income by the expected return from each property.

Can I invest in property with 20k?

Yes, a £20k budget is, typically, enough to get you started on building a property portfolio.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that this might not be enough to invest in your ideal property, as location as well as property and investment type will also heavily influence the cost.

How do I expand my property portfolio?

Diversify your investments

If you choose to target just one type of property investment, you may be opening yourself up to unnecessary risk or and stifling your potential returns. By diversifying your property investments, such as investing in student accommodation or HMOs well as commercial properties, you can reduce this risk.

This method also allows you to explore different property investment opportunities with higher return potential, even if they’re riskier, as you’ll have other property investments to fall back on.

Seek professional support

Successfully expanding your property portfolio can be impossible without the right knowledge and experience. As a result, you’ll often need a whole host of help from experienced solicitors, mortgage brokers, contractors, surveyors, and tax advisors if you want to keep building a property portfolio.

Instead of going through the time-consuming process of learning all these skills, it’s generally wiser to assemble a team of people that you can rely on for expert guidance.

This can help you to make more sensible and lucrative property investments at the right time.

Need help expanding your property portfolio?

If you require professional support with building a property portfolio, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of property investment experts here at The Mistoria Group. We have years of invaluable experience helping our clients to find lucrative property investment opportunities.

No matter whether you require expert help with sourcing a profitable property, ensuring your HMO is compliant with regulatory standards, or tenant management, you can find the support you’re searching for in our wide range of property investment services.

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