Estate agents have finely honed marketing skills

If you’ve decided to buy or sell property, there are different options for property investment including using an auction house or arranging a private purchase or sale. However, using an estate agent remains the most popular choice to facilitate the transaction. The Mistoria group are agents who’ve been in the property business for many years in the North West and know how to reach the right market, matching up potential buyers to properties. For buyers, they’re a one stop shop for finding the most desirable investment property in the right area and sealing the deal. By registering with the Mistoria group, early notification can be received for when properties come onto the market, often before they even hit the website. The company, like most top professional agents, has a comprehensive property website, access to social media advertising and publicity in local papers. When it comes to photographs, the quality’s supreme. Photographs are essential form forming a buyer’s first impression of a property, either online or in the agent’s window. Moreover, there’ll be an impressive ‘For Sale’ board outside the home, making it clear that the sale’s in professional hands.

Help with viewings and vetting
Trying to manage viewings when buying or selling can be tricky. An agent will arrange and carry out nearly all viewings giving impartial and honest advice on the property when viewers attend, anticipating and answering the pertinent questions that might be asked. Making sure vetting’s carried out is an essential part of the sale process. Agents will ensure all interested parties have registered with them for safety and security purposes before viewing goes ahead so no time’s wasted. When it comes to signing the deal, credit checks and references are carried out on buyers for affordability and peace of mind.

Advice and negotiation skills from beginning to end
Negotiation on property investment is a professional domain and can be less stressful if handled by an estate agent. They’ll ensure a buyer gets the best deal, or a seller gets the price they want, without any direct interaction between the two parties involved in the sale. It’s common for buyers to make offers that fall short of the selling price. An agent’s used to dealing with these scenarios and can give the best advice, taking into account the conditions of the housing market at the time, that might influence whether a low offer’s accepted or not. If a problem crops up at any stage of the process, an agent can drawn on their considerable resources and experience to resolve things, making appropriate recommendations to help to finalise the sale. An agent will arrange surveys, mortgages and solicitors to help both parties in the sale process, overseeing everything through to conclusion, no matter how lengthy and time consuming it may be. Trying to save money by not using an agent’s usually false economy because the problems that can be encountered without their professional input can end up costing sellers and investors a lot of money.

The Mistoria Group are high yielding student buy-to-let investment specialists, offering HMOs and arm chair investments in the North of UK, generating combined  net cash yield up to 13% (Rental and Capital Growth). For more information on the firm’s current available investments and the services it offers, visit us at or email at or call 0800 500 3015.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]