At Mistoria Group, though we are predominantly experts in student property investments in Manchester, Salford and Liverpool, we are often asked “What makes a good estate agent?”. There isn’t one particular attribute that makes a good agent; a whole range of factors come into play. Here, we break down what we believe those factors are.

The Personal Touch

The most important attribute of any successful estate agent is their ability to create a personal connection with a client. You should use your personality to win over both buyer and seller. Your communication skills are key to the success of your business. A client that feels you are invested in them, and that you have their interests at heart, is far more likely both to use and recommend your business than one who does not feel they have built up a rapport with you. This connection extends into digital conversation. You should attempt to connect with your clients and business contacts via social media. If you feel that your communication skills are lacking, talk to those you recognise as having them to see how you yourself might improve.

Trust Building

It is through the personal touch that you begin to build loyalty and trust in your company. It really shows if you are passionate about both your company and the wider sector. If clients see that you want to help them achieve their goals, and not just your own, they will quickly begin to trust you. Once trust has been established, it becomes evident that your determination to pursue excellent customer service is genuine. Clients will therefore be more likely to use you repeatedly, and you will gain a reputation as a trustworthy business in the community.

Customer Experience

Clearly, once you have built up trust and a rapport you are in a far better position to provide an exceptional customer experience. If you can do that, you are well on your way to becoming a successful agent. You should use this new trust to get to know your client better, so that you can offer them a property that’s perfect for them, even if they haven’t previously considered it. When selling a property, you should take the vendor’s needs into consideration. Ensure everything you do satisfies the client. Fantastic customer service makes you memorable and is therefore hugely important.


In order to meet and exceed customer expectations, your negotiation skills must be second to none, whether that means getting the best sale or the best purchasing price. Alongside your personality, which is unique to you, your negotiation skills allow you to stand out in a crowded market. Though every agent markets their properties and business in their own way, an agent talented in negotiation can make the difference between a good sale and an excellent one.

The Mistoria Group, Providing Student Property Investments in Manchester

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