Why Liverpool Gives the Best Rental and Capital Yields in the UK

Today, property investors are casting their eyes way beyond the City of London and identifying new regions where they can get yields that are nearly three times higher. It becomes tempting to simply look locally as you assemble your Buy-to-Let portfolio. However, there could be huge variations in the rental yield and by how much the property appreciates, depending on where you decide to invest.  Landlords ought to be searching for higher rental yields so as to comfortably cover their mortgage payments and still make a sizeable profit from their investment. In addition, as an investor, you’ll want the value of the property to rise over time so that you could benefit from capital gains if you decide to dispose.  Mistoria Group is convinced that if you really desire to realise better ROI, you need to cast your net beyond London; to regional cities offering average rental returns nearing (and at times exceeding) 8%. The Mistoria Investment Opportunities team is convinced that Buy-to-Let real estate investors ought to look at promising places like Liverpool in the North West.

Why Liverpool?

When looking for the best city for your Buy-to-Let, it is worth remembering and noting the relevant local statistics. In addition, use any knowledge you have about the area.

 Liverpool is one of the top 10 cities in the UK to invest in. A report published in August 2014 by Home.co.uk indicated that the highest yielding property market sites in the United Kingdom were all located outside of London with Liverpool giving an estimated Annual Rental Yield of between 9.1 and 9.6% depending on the exact location within the big City. The best and most profitable rental yields’ typically come from cities having a combination of properties that are low priced and local universities (as well as leading attractions). Liverpool is in the Top 10 Buy-to-Let UK highest yielding property market hotspots in the UK.

Expanding Population

Liverpool’s growing population of both international and domestic students implies that the City has a continuing and expanding demand for new investments in student property, especially in top-quality student accommodation. This is one of the biggest university cities in the United Kingdom. The City has in excess of 60,000 students studying and living there. As such, the place has a ready-made target market in case you want to become a landlord.

Potential for Growth

While making use of Liverpool property investment surveys could assist you in selecting the correct location for your investment, remember to do your homework well and comprehensively before you plunge in. For example, where do you see the area some 10 years down the line?

For the City of Liverpool, looking ahead, you can clearly see that there are lots of planned development schemes for the area and its environs. This includes huge housing schemes and a massive restoration of the Liverpool docks. Mistoria Group views these as pointers for future growth, making the City ripe for Buy-to-Let investments that promises high rental and capital returns. Property buying is perhaps the biggest financial investment or commitment you’re ever going to make. However, if done wisely, it is a move that could be the turning point in your life. So study the Liverpool property investment market well before you decide to invest your hard earned cash in a rental property. The Mistoria Investment Opportunities team is always ready to hold your hand as you make this crucial decision; as high yielding student buy-to-let investment specialists we offer HMOs and arm chair investments in the North of UK and are currently generating combined net cash yield up to 13% (Rental and Capital Growth). For more information on our current available investments and the services we offer, visit us at www.mistorigroup.com or email at info@mistoriagroup.com or call 0800 500 3015.