Despite investment properties being perceived as a luxury asset, owning a second property or a portfolio of properties is becoming increasingly popular as confidence dips in the banks; therefore enticing savers to make savvy investments for the future.

We’ve seen it all before; property investors and landlords with tenanted properties struggling to keep up with high yielding property management without a solid and experienced team on standby to assist. Unfortunately this can lead to property deterioration and unhappy tenants – something landlords would be keen to avoid.

The cost for deterioration far outweighs the price of high yielding property management

The demand for high yielding property management has soured over the past several years as property owners realise that the costs are minimal when compared with costs to renovate deteriorated properties; as the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

The Mistoria Group, a Salford based property Solutions Company who offers high yielding property management services know only too well the pitfalls that landlords face when operating without such a service. The group have previously been approached by a number of landlords and property investors and been armed with the task of updating deteriorated properties in a bid to bring them back up to a high standard. One particular investor managed to increase their rental income by quite a substantial amount as a result of a renovation project and the high yielding property management services offered by The Mistoria Group; just one of the many successful case studies that Mistoria are incredibly proud of.

High yielding property management increases tenant interest

Through research undertaken by The Mistoria Group, is has become apparent that offering high yielding property management services can increase tenant interest and often be the final persuasive consideration for tenants who are torn between two properties. Unsurprisingly, this factor has resulted in a surge of landlords registering their interest in the service.

If you’re a landlord or a property investor considering high yielding property management, speak to The Mistoria Group. You can find The Mistoria Group online at or speak to their team on 0800 500 3015. You can request a brochure or submit and enquiry via email at and a member of their team will respond to you as soon as possible.