High Yielding Properties In The North WestHigh rental yields and the potential for capital growth are two of the major factors that mean the North West is an excellent choice for property investments.

With the major cities of Manchester, Salford and Liverpool seeing significant regeneration and investment the region offers a stable base for a property portfolio. Combine this factor with a vibrant student population in all of these areas and you have an excellent opportunity for portfolio building.

Of course it is not simply a question of putting a pin in an map and buying a property, different areas have different strengths and weaknesses and  you need to know what to look for when making a selection. Cheaper areas may not be desirable areas for achieving the best rental yields but if they are close to local Universities and have good transport links they may well suit a student market.

Despite recent events surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU, the North West continues to perform solidly. Manchester has long been a success story, Salford that sits alongside has seen massive changes brought about by investments in areas such as Salford Quays where the BBC’s arrival several years ago was a major growth catalyst for the region and Liverpool is seeing a renewed energy with many investors looking at the city as it starts to see the benefits of recent events such as being the UK’s Capital of Culture.

The Northern Powerhouse is not just a government idea it is one that has seen interest across the region and is helping to drive the business community leading to a positive feeling across the whole region.

At Mistoria we aim to offer our clients a fully packaged property investment service; identifying the best locations in the North West, where we are an acknowledged expert; purchasing and refurbishing the right kind of properties for the rental market; marketing and letting the completed properties and finally managing the tenants through their annual rental cycles.

Not convinced yet? Well why not give us a call and we can give you some further information on why we think the North West is an ideal investment location.