Our latest investment property renovation plan in Salford is finished!

We previously discussed our expertise in creating student-ready HMO properties and shared some images with you of a renovation project in motion.  The property is now complete and the results are so impressive, our lettings team have already leased it to a group of students for the next academic year.

When our renovation team received the two bedroom property, they quickly realised we could make better use of the space available.  Typically, an HMO (and particularly a student property), does not need a living room and dining room.  One communal area is often more than adequate.  This allowed us the opportunity to turn one of the ground floor rooms into an extra bedroom.

Upstairs we were able to manipulate the space, and again create an extra bedroom.  The original bathroom was excessive and unnecessarily big.  By moving and downsizing this space and fitting a self-contained shower unit in place of a full size bath tub, we were able to add yet another bedroom.

Rental prices in HMO properties are charged per room.  By creating two extra bedrooms in this house, we have effectively doubled the landlord’s potential income.

Our professional furnishing team completed the process of turning this investment property renovation into a suitable student house.  Carefully choosing appropriate furniture and fittings that are robust enough to withstand high usage and regular turnover of tenants but still look stylish and appealing was a must.  Complemented by durable yet modern flooring and wallpaper the team have decorated the property making it look contemporary and welcoming.

This project is just one example of how Mistoria RFM can add value to your investment property.  Finding the right contractors to manage each step of your investment property renovation can be hard, tedious and expensive work.  Our combined renovations, furnishings and maintenance teams provide a one-stop solution to transforming your second property.

If you have an investment property that isn’t living up to its potential, why not speak with one of our team to see how a renovation from Mistoria might add value?  Our experienced team will be happy to plan and execute a full renovation project tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a property refurbishment company in Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, and Salford – contact us today!