How to reduce disturbance in renovation projects

Senior Project Manager at the Mistoria Group, Cassim Kaaba, has almost 10 years experience in the renovation, maintenance and refurbisment industry, enabling him a very unique understanding of both aesthetic design and practical solutions. Each month, he will be providing sound information and guidance on how to problem solve, make your ‘design pound’ stretch further and achieve the very best results from your own development.

The Secret to Sensitive Refurbishment

Customer care whilst working within a commercial environment is essential and my philosophy is this: It’s all about the client.  I have experienced many commercial clients who are anxious about the disruption that a potential refurbishment will cause to their premises and their business.  The presence of tradesmen on site over a three to four week period can cause problems, but there are ways in which to minimise disturbance whilst also ensuring that the job is completed in a timely fashion and to the highest standard.

Undertaking work in an effective manner, whilst also maintaining a level of sensitivity for the client is the formula that we continue to adhere to at Mistoria Renovations.  It stands us out from the crowd.  Adding value without presenting complications is vital.  Sitting down with the client to discuss how a renovation project can happen smoothly, will provide peace of mind and every job is different.

Some time ago, we were contracted to renovate a local care home.  Before starting the project, I sent my tradesmen on specialised courses on dementia and alzheimer’s, in order to understand more about these conditions so that a greater knowledge and level of sensitivity could be applied to the environment in which they were working.

It is this very unique approach that has enabled us to maintain our client base and work on some fascinating developments and whilst I prefer not to label our organisation as the renovation company that cares, it is important to recognise that clients now expect a higher degree of understanding when it comes to their individual needs and that of their own customers.

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