Why You Should Work With Only The Best

Can Buy To Let Still Work?
Every day it seems there are more headlines about how the Government is making life harder for buy to let investors; tax relief is being cut and tenants are complaining. But it is still possible to make good returns on your property investment – you just need to choose the right property company to partner with. Finding a company with a great reputation in the area where your property investment is based is the first step to making the best use of your investment.

Property Companies Can Help
Armchair property companies, such as Mistoria Group, will work with you through every step of the process. They can help you find an appropriate property in which to invest, if needed, and they can advise on the best buy to let mortgages if you need one. They can give you advice on how to present your property to attract the type of tenants that you want; whether you are looking to rent a studio flat to a professional or whether you have an HMO which you want to rent to a group of students, it is important to target the right group in order to get the best return on your property investment. More than that, it is important that the company itself should have credibility in your area and beyond; if landlords and tenants can all trust the property company with whom they are working, then it is much more likely that a beneficial and longer-lasting relationship can be formed. It will be easier to let your property and you will be more likely to find tenants who are reliable and careful with your property.

Meeting Students’ Demand
Many students would prefer to live in private accommodation such as HMOs rather than in halls; they enjoy the freedom of fewer constricting rules, and they also prefer to live in smaller groups with their friends rather than in a hall of several hundred people. This is a growing sector in many university cities, and Mistoria Group is ideally placed to help you take advantage of this opportunity. We will discuss your aims for your property, your preferred marketing approach and – if you have them – your ongoing plans. Whether you want to expand your portfolio or whether you want to make the best choices for marketing your existing properties, Mistoria Group are here to help.

The Mistoria Group are high yielding student buy-to-let investment specialists, offering HMOs and arm chair investments in the North of UK, generating combined  net cash yield up to 13% (Rental and Capital Growth). For more information on the firm’s current available investments and the services it offers, visit us at www.mistorigroup.com or email at info@mistoriagroup.com or call 0800 500 3015.