Salford Properties: Why investors are flocking to this Region

It is a well-known fact that certain portions of London represent lucrative investment opportunities. Still, this market is highly competitive and it is constantly evolving. Mistoria Group aims to stay ahead of this curve by providing astute investors with some of the most promising properties in existence in the North West. One location which has garnered a significant amount of attention is Salford. Salford property investments are indeed a “hot topic” in recent months and this trend is only expected to continue into the near future. Not only has the buy-to-let market provided amazing returns in comparison to other areas of the UK, but the fact that Salford is defined by an increasing influx of tenants provides some truly amazing deals for those who realise the potential of the region.

A Burgeoning Community

It only stands to reason that Salford is one of the highest yielding property markets within the United Kingdom. This community is conveniently close to Media City, major transportation hubs as well as Manchester City Centre; ideal for those who commute to work on a daily basis. However, it is perhaps more important to note that Salford has undergone a significant real estate transformation during the past few years and this is something that Mistoria Group have not missed out on. In fact, recent statistics illustrate the fact that property prices here have increased by an incredible 12 per cent within the past six months; representing a veritable boom in terms of buy-to-let opportunities. This is also an attractive proposition for first-time buyers who may be looking to make a solid investment that promises substantial short- to medium-term growth prospects. Other factors such as a local football team supervised by Manchester United illustrate that Salford is indeed the place to be. While these are all supporting facts which highlight this region as an attractive investment opportunity, it is still critical to view some rather important figures.

Statistics do not Lie

We should first keep in mind that the average rental yield within Salford is a staggering 8.8 per cent. This is in contrast to 5 per cent in the South West and 3.2 per cent in London Central. These figures indicate that there is a massive demand for properties within Salford and the surrounding region. Furthermore, no less than 42 per cent of landlords have increased their rental prices over the last 12 months. More than one-third have stated that there is a growing demand for properties. 10 per cent of these stated that the rise has been “significant”. With 9 per cent of tenants staying in the same rental property for 5 years or more, investment stability is another major benefit within Salford. So, it becomes clear to see why this town is an attractive option for those who wish to enjoy lucrative and yet stable income yields. These are some of the Mistoria investment opportunities that await. With this property market experiencing what can only be called a revival (if not a boom), it makes a great deal of sense to consider Salford for any real estate venture.

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