The British are often being sold property investment opportunities abroad. The idea of owning a property in the sun which can then be rented out for a steady income, or renovating a derelict villa into luxury accommodation for a tidy profit, sounds like a win-win venture on the surface. But why then, are so many foreign investors bringing their money over here? Despite our lack of sun, Britain has many factors which make for a more solid investment opportunity…

For one, accommodation is in demand in the UK all year round. Many foreign investment properties are bought with the intention of renting out to  tourists.  However, there isn’t always a market for this all year around. Many Brits with investments abroad struggle finding tenants during winter, and can be left with costly repair bills after leaving it empty during bad weather. The UK however has the highest demand for property in 100 years, together with the highest number of renters in history. There is a desperate need for stable homes, which means a steady income every month. Rental properties continue to be snapped up as soon as they come on the market, and can ensure a reliable income if rented out to a family or group of professionals who want a place they can call home without the ties of buying a house or flat.

Students also play a massive part in UK investment success. The UK has an incredibly high volume of students all over the UK, including a large portion of international students. The number of universities mean that most towns and cities have a student population, all of whom need a place to stay. The mark up on student properties is incredibly high, especially when providing top quality housing for which many young people and their families will happily pay more. Northern cities are becoming increasingly popular with students due to the buzzing nightlife and cheap cost of living compared to the south, which presents a wonderful opportunity for investors, as northern properties are almost always more affordable. This can generate significant profit, especially if the property is then tailored to international students who have a higher level of funding to spend on accommodation.

In addition to these reasons, the UK is the 3rd most populated country in the EU, meaning there’s always a demand for all property types, as well as being politically and economically stable. With many other EU nations falling into huge amounts of debt, investments abroad are looking more and more unstable, whilst investing within your own country always carries less risk. At Mistoria Group, we have a number of different UK property investment opportunities, and whether you want to rent or sell, our team of professionals can help. Contact us on 0800 500 3015 or send us an enquiry through our contact form.