While the UK economy may be in turmoil, investors here and also those based abroad continue to reap the rewards of investing in rental properties.

Here at Mistoria Group, our team of specialists help investors to get the best possible results from their property investments, and where better to do so than the North West of England?

We help our clients to find and invest in high-yield rental properties in popular areas like Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, and Salford.

Our staff is then available to provide professional, expert help, advice, and services to help investors manage their buy-to-let property investment ongoing if required.

In this article, we explain why the UK’s rental property market has remained strong during such challenging economic times and why the North West of England is a attractive area to invest in.

House prices rising at 11 per cent a year

Despite the current unstable economy, property is still viewed as one of the safest types of investment.

House prices have been increasing for the past ten years and earlier in 2022 the Guardian reported that house prices are still rising at 11 per cent annually, despite the cost-of-living crisis.

According to the same article, three main factors have helped the housing market to remain strong.

These are: a strong jobs market, a shortage of properties, and a “race for space” as people look for bigger homes amid the rise in the number of people working from home.

High rental demand and returns

When you buy in the right area, properties can provide a high rental yield as well as long-term gains.

The UK is currently experiencing a housing shortage, and the rise in demand for rental property has caused prices to increase, offering many landlords better returns on their investments.

According to HomeLet, the average monthly UK rental income stood at a record high of £1,159 per month in September 2022.

Why invest in North West England? Popular and up-and-coming areas in the North West of England like Manchester, Liverpool, Salford, and Bolton are ideal places to invest in property if you’re looking for excellent returns because demand is high.

Not only that, investment property is more affordable to buy than it is in many other parts of the country.

High levels of foreign investment

It’s not just domestic investors that benefit from UK investment property; buy-to-let property in the UK is popular with foreign investors too.

In fact, according to the Buy Association, overseas investors own around £90.7 billion’s worth of property in England and Wales.

The popularity of the UK housing market with foreign investors is partially down to the advantages discussed above, and also because a weaker pound makes UK investment property more affordable to buy.

With so many advantages to be gained and forecasts predicting that UK property prices will continue to grow, the high demand for UK property investment doesn’t look set to decline any time soon.

Mistoria Group property investment

If you’re eager to invest in a buy-to-let property in the UK,then don’t hesitate to reach out to the knowledgeable team of experts at Mistoria Group.

Specialising in North West investment opportunities (in lucrative areas like Manchester, Salford, Liverpool and Bolton), we have decades of experience in the UK property investment industry.

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