When considering property investment, disagreements and conflicts with tenants can be a discouraging thought, and one of the major causes of tension is cleanliness. A recent article on Property Reporter, reveals that the hygienic conditions of properties after tenancies has become worse in the last few years, with the most common problematic areas being kitchens and bathrooms, specifically ovens, fridges and carpeted floors.

Cleaning is, according to the last Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) annual review, the most common reason for deposit disputes. Pat Barber, Chair of the  Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC)  considers that this might be the case because there has recently been a change in cleaning standards amongst tenants.  Therefore, a professional clean is often required at the end of the tenancy, although tenants are often reluctant to hire professional cleaning services prior to moving out.

A common argument used by tenants against the poor condition of the property when their tenancy is over, is that it has been left in the same condition as when they moved in, which is often the cause of the dispute as it is the tenants’ word against the landlord’s. However, there are ways to prevent these kinds of disputes.

One solution is to carry out a thorough and professional inventory, signed by both you and your tenants, before the tenancy. Another is to invest in services such as Mistoria Spotless. We offer landlord support packages, where we can prepare your property after the end of each tenant’s contract to make sure everything is ready for the next. We also offer a renovation service for those who have just finished working on a property,  guaranteeing that each area of the house is pristine, ready to receive your new tenants or for a final inspection from investors and other stakeholders.

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