Research recently revealed that homeowners were still reliant on their parents long after they had flown the nest. It seems the future generation lacks the skills to carry out DIY jobs on their home or renovation properties costing their parents up to £1,280 per year.

The survey undertaken reveals that parents have neglected their own homes, let their garden overgrow and have forfeited their leisurely time in a bid to offer their children a helping hand.

Home improvement knowledge can be an advantage with renovation properties

Painting and interior decor can transform a property however; basic home improvement knowledge can assist with any project from complete renovation properties down to simple finishing touches. The survey suggests that this valuable knowledge is ‘being lost through the generations’ and homeowners may struggle in the future should these lack of skills not be improved.

Renovation properties are hugely different to that of normal households and the work will depend on the condition of the property. There is no doubt that qualified tradesmen will be required to undertake tasks that need to adhere to building regulations and planning permission issues however, homeowners could save themselves quite a lot of pennies if they only had the skills to carry out basic tasks themselves.

No skills for renovations properties – who to turn to?

What happens if you have renovation properties but do not possess the skills to undertake the work yourself? Mistoria Renovations and Maintenance are specialists in all areas relating to renovation properties. Mistoria have a track record of taking dilapidated properties, renovating them and ensuring they’re brought back up to a high standard inside and out.

Towns and cities are watching more new build property developments taking shape whilst older properties are left to deteriorate. Renovation properties can be cost effective whilst providing for a perfect residential home or a future investment; you just have to visualise the potential.

If you would like to discover the possibility of purchasing renovation properties, speak to the experienced Mistoria Group. Their qualified and experienced team are available to guide and advise you. Visit the website or call 0800 500 3015. Alternatively, email with your enquiry or request a brochure and a member of the team will respond to you as soon as possible.