At this time of year, many student property landlords will be readying themselves for their current tenants to vacate their properties as the academic year and letting contracts come to an end.

This transition should run smoothly but unfortunately for many it can be a difficult process.  Each year at this time, the battle between student landlords and tenants is waged over the state properties are left in.  Many landlords are left with properties that have been unkept and require all manner of cleaning, maintenance and repair work and replacement furniture.  Student property landlords are relaistic and do expect a certain amount of wear and tear but where obvious damage has been inflicted on a property or its content costs must be expected.

Here is where the inital deposit that is put down at the beginning of a tenancy comes into play.  Landlords will deduct the cost of any cleaning and repairs from the deposit and issue any remaining funds back to the tenant.  This enivitably causes friction as each side agrues their case for who is to blame for the condition of the property.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous landlords who withhold deposits or try to claim damage exists where there is none and students can be left out of pocket.  Of course, criminal action can be taken in extreme cases but much of this discrepancy can be avoid by ensuring a full inventory is carried out at the beginning of a tenancy.  Landlord and tenant will both sign a form stating the condition and contents of a property.  If there is any existing damage or items missing, this should be clearly marked on the inventory.  Both landlord and tenant are encouraged not to sign an inventory if they are not fully happy that all items or current imperfections are stated on the document.

If you are a student property landlord and are carrying out any repair or maintenance work on your property over the summer break, Mistoria’s renovatation, furnishing and maintenance teams can help you.  From minor repairs, through to full-scale renovation projects our fully qualified and experienced trades-men will carry out the necessary work on time, to budget and to the highest possible standard.  Furniture packages are also available that comprise of blinds and floor coverings, a range of white goods as well as beds, sofas, desks and soft funishings like cushions, curtains and lamps.