Winter is coming and for many landlords, winter can be one of the most stressful periods due to some unexpected expenditure. Here are 5 things that Manchester’s student landlords should think to avoid nasty surprises.

Check the pipes

In winter, it`s really important to check pipes are well clad to avoid issues caused by frozen pipes because leaking water will damage your property. A flood or water damage can be very expensive to put right.

You can avoid this type of issue by making sure that all pipes are well lagged and insulated and any damaged lagging is replaced.

Service the boiler

Before winter sets in you should check that the boiler is in good working order to avoid potential breakdown or unnecessary expenses. It’s also an issue of safety for your tenants, because in the event of a failure, boilers can be dangerous for your tenants and it’s your responsibility to service the boiler and ensure it is in safe working order.

Check your insulation

It’s really important to check the insulation of the accommodation before any cold period if you don’t want to have excessive heat loss through the roof in particular. If you have some insulation work to do, it may be worth investigating government schemes that assist with the cost of some building improvements, particularly energy related.

Check your roof and dead trees

If you are a landlord, you should pay attention to any damaged or missing roof tiles because during heavy rain or a bad storm, your property can be seriously damaged and mould may appear in your accommodation. It’s also really important to be careful of any dead trees near your building which may fall and cause damage in the event of a bad storm.

Instruct tenants

Many student properties may be left empty over the Christmas period. You should suggest that they leave the heating on at a low setting for short periods each day and ensure that the system cannot drop below a temperature that can lead to frozen pipes.

If you need any assistance looking after your HMO property portfolio please feel free to contact Mistoria and we will be happy to help you.