Ideas on how to convert your house…

Right now moving house may not be an option, but do you need more space?

If you need more room for your family and living requirements but are not in a position to buy a bigger property, you need to make your current home work, to suit your needs. At Mistoria Renovations we have an experienced and skilled team who can help improve your home.

Have you considered what house conversion ideas are available?
  • Loft Conversions

A loft conversion can increase the value of your home by converting unused space into a living area such as a bedroom. Loft conversions are an affordable way of adding space to your property and can be adapted to suit your needs.

We have turned unused lofts into studies, playrooms, living rooms and master suites.

  • Cellar Conversions

Cellar conversions are fantastic investments.  It’s an affordable way of expanding your home, while increasing your property value.

You may wish to have your cellar converted into extra living space, storage area or even something more bespoke like a home cinema room or home nightclub. Whatever your specification we can help achieve your dream.

  • Garage Conversion

Converting your garage is a simple and economical way of gaining an extra room, without the hassle and expense of major renovations. As with any building work there is dust and noise, but on the whole a garage conversion generally makes very low level mess or disruption. We understand that life is continuing as normal inside your home, and will operate accordingly.

  • Extensions

An extension is an excellent way to add value and create the space you need when you can’t afford to move house. You may find that the investment more than pays for itself.

To talk to us about your extension, renovation or house conversion ideas, call us on 0800 500 3015.