What theme would you choose to furnish your rental property?

Would you opt for modern black and white or for a classic walnut style?  This is the only decision you will have to make if you hire Mistoria to furnish your investment property.  We’ll take care of everything else and tailor a full furniture package in your chosen specification.

If you come to us early enough in your property renovation project, we can even fit a matching kitchen and complimentary bathroom suite to really coordinate and add umph to your asset.

Below are some examples that may help you make your decision.

Modern black & white

The black and white design specification will give your property a modern, minimal and impeccable touch that is extremely popular in today’s market.  In this theme, black furniture is dominant on white walls but with some feature wallpaper detail to add a splash of colour.  The finished result is contemporary and welcoming.

Classic walnut




Traditional owners may consider the classic walnut decoration specification to create the homely style tenants often look for.  A warm environment is created by the use of classic wooden furniture, combined with neutral, earth tone wallpaper.

Many other styles are available and we would be glad to source alternative items to furnish your rental property.  Our professional team have an eye for detail and will always strive to find you the best product at the most cost efficient price.  We are able to guarantee a competitive price by bulk buying from our suppliers.  We are offered better rates by purchasing in large quantities and these savings are directly passed on to our clients.

Our experience means we know what landlords look for in furniture for their rental properties.  We carefully select appropriate furniture and fittings that are resistant even to the most careless tenants but still look stylish and appealing.

Decoration is a highly eye-catching element of any property and often determines the letting decision.  If you appoint us to furnish your rental property, we will leave it looking coordinated and stylish, and therefore highly demanded by tenants. Again, durable yet modern choices are made by our team when selecting wallpaper and even flooring.

We know that furnishing a property can be a stressful procedure.  By partnering with Mistoria we take care of the whole process, and ensure you are left with an investment property ready to earn you the highest returns possible.