From 2018 it will be an offence to rent out buy to let property with the worst energy-efficiency ratings.

In just under five years new laws will come into place which will make it illegal to rent out a buy to let property which scores in the lowest energy efficiency ratings. In addition, from 2016 your tenants will be able to demand that you improve the insulation of the buy to let property if it is deemed a “reasonable”  request for energy efficient measures.

The new legislation states that you as a landlord cannot let out your buy to property if it falls under the two lowest energy efficiency ratings, F and G, after April 2018 at the very latest.

Installing proper loft insulation and cavity insulation are also among the most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills. The Government has recently introduced the Green Deal, which is a financing system to support energy saving in the home. For example, loft insulation could be installed with no upfront payment, as the costs are added to the electricity bill – but your energy savings should exceed the cost of installation. The Green Deal also covers rented properties, as long as tenants and landlords agree on the measures. The tenant will cover the cost of installation through their bills and benefit from reduced energy consumption – and if they leave the benefits and costs are passed to the new occupants.

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