Buy-To-Let Investment Example

Min Capital Needed: £85,000

Nature of Investment : Buy-to-hold and Refinance

Holding Period: On going

ROI: 7 to 10% cash / gearing, rental income plus capital appreciation

Buy-To-Let tends to be more readily understood by the general masses as providing a secure investment (if you can find a long term tenant) with safe but unspectacular returns. As with the Joint Venture and Armchair opportunities, full ownership of the property title is transferred to the investor upon completion.

A Buy-To-Let can be financed by a mortgage and whilst offering high liquidity and lower purchasing costs but lower yields and returns. If this type of risk-averse opportunity interests you, then the Mistoria Group would be happy to discuss your requirements and preference with you.

Alternatively, if you have decided that the Buy-To-Let route is for you as you begin to create and build your own potentially highly lucrative property portfolio, we can also arrange to source a number of potential properties on your behalf.

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