Ugam SinghTo,
Polio Children (U.K.).

Respected Sir/Madam,

1) Information about College: I liked when joining the college, presently I am studying in 2nd Year B.A. After coming to college my parents are very happy for me. I travel regularly from my small village to college. I am only one in my family who has gone to college for further studies, my relatives and my village people are very happy for me. Going to Jay Narayan Vyas University from my place is very big thing. I travel to college along with some of my friends, who have helped in joining different classes, so I am not finding any difficulties in my college.

2) Information about my Studies: Presently I am studying in 2nd Year. My subjects in 2nd Year are 1) Hindi Literature 2) Public Administration and 3) History. Public Administration and History are not difficult subjects for me, but I find difficulty in Hindi Literature. While attending lectures our Professor do help us to understand every point, also they give information about other things and other activities.

3) Doing something new: After completing my 2nd Year, I will go in Final Year. After completion of Final year and getting the degree, I am thinking of doing B.Ed. My family members, my government school teachers and also college professors are ready to give me full support on this decision. I will work hard to complete everyone’s wish and my dream.

I am thankful to all of you including my parents, my teachers, my professors and my village people who have helped me and gave me support.

Thanking you,
Ugam Singh
(B.A. 2nd year)