RFM Administrator

As part of the newly launched ‘Apprentice Programme 2014’, the Mistoria Group has added 18 year old Tom Sullivan to its workforce. With the opportunity to learn and develop in a commercial environment, Tom is relishing his new appointment.

Having achieved a BTEC in ‘construction and the built environment’ from Manchester College, Tom Sullivan is perfectly placed within the renovation and maintenance division of the Mistoria Group as part of his one year apprenticeship. Working alongside Senior  Manager – RFM, Cassim Kaaba, he will be filling his days easily with the level of activity at RFM at an all-time high. With an interest in property that has developed over a number of years’, Tom is hoping his position will lead to great things.

“I have always wanted to work within the property industry and one day, own property myself.” he explains. “I’m an avid fan of the Channel 4 programme Grand Designs, so it’s an interest that has built steadily. My position in the RFM division is perfect for me. It’s busy and varied and the role sees me both in the office and working on-site.” Undertaking weekly reports, liaising with contractors and managing purchase orders are just some of the tasks that Tom performs when he is office based. On-site, the job is much more ‘hands-on’.

“Ensuring all activity is going smoothly and taking photographs for the weekly updates are the main elements of the job when I’m not in the office.” says Tom. “Each stage of a renovation or build is photographed for the client, so that progress can be monitored.” With a strong and motivated team leading him on, Tom is determined to be successful in his position and hopes that he will be able to remain at the firm when his one year term has finished. “I would like to stay until I become as successful a property developer as Mish.” he laughs. “Both he and Cassim are driven and passionate. It’s clear why the company is enjoying the current level of growth.” A happy apprentice who wishes to remain at the Mistoria Group appears to be a recurrent sentiment with all four apprentices keen to go the distance with the energetic company. It is clear that the launch of this year’s ‘apprentice programme’ is a great success.