As bookkeeper for MCC Accountants, Sue Stephens is an important member of a growing team.  Joining the busy practice two years ago and having ‘hit the ground running’, Sue is well settled and taking the stress in her stride.

MCC Accountants is both thriving and growing.  With a recent announcement that the division will be adding a further two members to the team by the end of 2015, there’s no time more appropriate for Sue Stephens to be adding her vast range of skills to the business.  Having worked within the finance industry for more than twenty years, Susan is experienced and calm in a crisis.  “I am used to working in pressurised roles and most accountancy firms experience very hectic periods at regular intervals throughout the year.  It’s very cyclical and part of the process of accountancy.” says Sue.

Having worked from the bottom up and learnt on the job, Sue is knowledgeable of the industry.  Previously holding senior financial positions in companies such as the Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel, Miller Fisher Limited and M&W Freight Limited, she describes herself as a ‘numbers person’ and qualified by experience!   And key strengths such as attention to detail and the ability to meet deadlines in a timely and efficient fashion are well suited to the nature of the job at MCC.

It’s clearly early days, but Sue is settling in well and reassured by the solid management team.  “There is a well-defined and structured management team in place and everyone works extremely well across the divisions.  Mish is also a good leader, who is willing to listen and advise when needed.  I am sure that these factors combined go some way to explaining the success of the company in such a short space of time.” she said.

And, when not submerged in numbers, Sue, who is Manchester born and bred, likes nothing more than spending time with her family, friends and walking her dogs.  At the moment, she has the work and life balance just so.  “Thus far, I am finding the job really enjoyable.” said Susan.  “In terms of the future, despite having been here for a relatively short period, I am feeling confident, happy and keen to develop and grow as the company grows.  It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Mistoria Group.”