Re-designing your property to maximise space
Re-designing your property to maximise space

Why not let your property reach maximum potential by utilising any empty/un-used space?

Loft conversion

A loft conversion is a fantastic way of creating extra space in your property, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want to with the space whether it be creating another room or maybe having a fun room where you can relax and escape from reality. A loft conversion is a great option for you if you ever consider selling, as this will not only add value but it will also place your property ahead of others due to the reason that most people relocate home is they require more space.

but due to the majority of people that move as they require more space it will place your property infront of others.

Convert your garage into a habital living space

Coverting your garage into a living can open up possiblities that you currently may not have in your property, for example if you have a garage that isn’t attached to your house, you could convert this into an extra bedroom with an en-suite possibly for a family member to give them the independence tha they have always wanted. A garage conversion can also be a great way of creating space for a office or a home workplace.

Home gym

If your are the sort of person who likes to keep fit but you are constantly busy and find it difficult to allow time to go and work out a home gym could be the thing for you. Utilising the spare space in your house a creating a home gym could be a good option as this cuts out the time driving back and fourth from the gym wasting your valuable time and it allows you to live the ideal healthy lifestyle that you want from the comfort of your own home.

Storage room

Is your property currently suffering with a lack of storage space? If so why not turn your spare room into a storage room allowing your property to feel more clear and tidy. This can create a more free-flowing atmosphere in a property and  provides the oppertunity of giving a home to household items, documents or even childrens toys.

Senior Project Manager at the Mistoria Group, Cassim Kaaba, has almost 10 years’ experience in the renovation, maintenance and refurbishment industry, enabling him a very unique understanding of both aesthetic design and practical solutions.  Each month, he will be providing sound information and guidance on how to problem solve, make your ‘design pound’ stretch further and achieve the very best results from your own development.

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