‘Property Reporter’ has covered MCC Accountants’ reaction to the recent announcement by HMRC to close 281 enquiry centres by 2014, in an attempt to save tax and improve services.  The enquiry centres, open to the public to deal directly with HMRC representatives in an effort to resolve tax queries, will be phased out and replaced with a combination of mobile home visits and telephone support centres.  A five month pilot of the new telephone based service will begin in June, in the North-East of England and, if successful, will lead to the remaining centres closing in February 2014.

Having reported falling numbers in visitors to enquiry centres since 2005/2006, HMRC expect the move will save £13 million in administration expenses.

Our Senior Accountant at MCC, Robert Flint said: “Whilst we fully recognise the importance to move with trends and save valuable taxpayers’ money, we are concerned at the impact these measures will have on those most in need of help, such as the elderly or vulnerable, who may not wish to conduct a home visit or discuss financial matters over the telephone.  In our opinion, the role of the supportive accountant grows bigger every year.”

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