Paul-BurrowsPaul Burrows

Building Surveyor

As a Technical and Chartered Building Surveyor at the Mistoria Group, Paul Burrows knows a thing or two about property.  Here, he explains why the role is continually evolving.

Working as a chartered and building surveyor for more than twenty five years, Paul Burrows is as experienced as they come.  With a background working for government, the Inland Revenue and running multi-million pound projects, he has all the knowledge and expertise required to join one of the North West’s fastest growing property companies.  “My role is centred on renovations and is really threefold.” he explains.  “I survey the properties, prepare the schedule of works required by the contractors and then supervise them on-site.  It’s a job that requires specialised input from conception to completion.”

The opportunity to do a job that you enjoy and are good at is rare and Paul’s enthusiasm and motivation are key elements in ensuring delivery.  “It’s an extremely busy role and there is no typical day.” said Paul.  “Because the Mistoria Group is growing and developing all the time, my position is constantly evolving.  I’m looking forward to getting involved in different aspects and expanding with the business.”

The growth of the Company over a short space of time has certainly been impressive.  “Growth has been due to very dynamic, dedicated and close knit employees, driven my Mish.” he explains. “He has a supportive team around him.  In addition, the Company has an exceptional business model: to obtain property at the right price and to refurbish property at the right price.  Then, the lettings team let the properties at the right price.  The model works and therefore, investors are delighted with the return and the high standard of the properties themselves.  The Mistoria Group is creating an ‘upper tier’ of outstanding student accommodation and word is spreading.”

And, with the dynamics of property ownership shifting, it would appear that the Mistoria Group have exploded into the market place at precisely the right time.  “The elements of home ownership have changed due to the impact of the recession.” says Paul.  “Many simply don’t have the funds for owning their own home and therefore, the rental market has expanded massively.  I believe this is going to be the case for the foreseeable future.”

Whatever the future holds, what is clear is Paul’s steady and consistent commitment to his position at the Company.  “The role is long term for me” he says, “and I look forward to being part of the challenges and the success.”