PamLettings Operations Manager

As the Lettings Operations Managerr for the estate agents division at the Mistoria Group, Pam Higham’s working day is engaging and varied.  Here, she explains why a good working environment helps keep her motivated and driven to achieve results.

“Contractually, my working day finishes at 5pm, but I rarely leave the office before 6.” says Pam.  “I’m happy to stay for as long as it takes.  You get out of the role what you put in and I’m very conscientious.”

For Pam, who has worked in the property industry for more than twelve years, a move to Mistoria Estate Agents was a logical step when her contract expired at the social housing association she worked at prior to joining the Company.  Pam’s day is extremely busy but she readily admits, there isn’t one element of the role she doesn’t relish.  Overseeing all administrative and letting aspects of the department, including the legal aspects of the process can be demanding, but Pam thrives on the pressure.

“It is a small team but we all work very closely together and everybody plays their part.  It’s an enjoyable working environment and the chemistry is good.  I do believe this is key to our success and the success of the Group as a whole.  The employees are dedicated and knowledgeable and Mish ensures that there is strong communication and clarity across all divisions.  Essentially, he brings everything together.”

Pam is committed, happy in her position and keen to progress.  “I do see myself staying at Mistoria Estate Agents for the long term.”  she says “and going forward, am hoping to obtain an ARLA (Association of Residential Lettings Agents) qualification.”

Clearly, life for Pam is hectic.  But, despite the demands of the job, she prioritises family life and precious time with her four year old Grandson.  “I spend one day a week caring for my Grandson and cherish that time with him.” she said.  “He’s a real inspiration and you do have more time to give as a Grandmother.  I work hard at the Mistoria Group and then feel able to enjoy spending time with family.  It’s a balancing act but a very good feeling to enjoy both work and private time.”