LouiseSenior Group Operations Manager

Organisation is the heartbeat of every successful business.  Luckily, for the Mistoria Group, Senior Group Operations Manager Flynn considers this one of her core strengths.

“I have always been a highly organised person.” says Louise.  Having joined the property investment and management company in October 2012, Louise is well settled.  “The role is hectic and at times demanding.  I wear more than one hat in the job and no two days are ever the same.  The variation is the aspect that I love the most.”

From supporting Mish in all Group,  Renovations, Sales and Lettings activities  and also dealing with customers and landlords, Louise’s role touches from  Compliance, administration and marketing all  functions not for the faint-hearted, but Louise is eager to get involved.

With a background in the financial services industry and a degree in Business Management from the University of Sunderland, it is little wonder Louise’s skills are so broad.  These, coupled with a confident and gregarious personality are the perfect ingredients for an operations manager, “I see myself as a link between departments and good communication skills are key to that.  It is so important for the Company.” she says.

And, it’s an extremely busy team at the Manchester based office, which has seen tremendous growth during the five years since the Group was created in 2009.  Growth, which Louise attributes to the focus, knowledge and expertise of Mish and his employees.

“The team are dedicated and extremely driven and consider ourselves as part of large family.” says Louise.  “I have no doubt this is why the Mistoria Group have become so successful in such a short space of time.  Plus, it’s the best possible time to be investing in the property sector.  Prices are still low and it remains a solid and secure investment.”

So, when time allows, how does Louise switch off from work at a thriving Company?  “I have a Manchester United Season Ticket!” she laughs, “and I love going to music concerts.  At the moment, I am very happy.  I love my job and look forward to learning more in the future.  It’s good to know that the Company are investing in me.  I do see myself remaining at the Mistoria Group on a long term basis and am keen to develop and grow as the company grows.”