When looking for property maintenance services, the first port of call is usually Google or the Yellow Pages. It’s easy to find the nearest or the cheapest however does that necessarily mean it’s the best? Depending on your needs, it’s worth looking in to the option of using a service you can rely on at a moment’s notice.

Finding complete property maintenance services

As a residential homeowner, you may be specific in the service you’re looking for; a plumber if you have problems with the bathroom or a roofer should you find a leak from the ceiling – but for a landlord who has tenants as residents in his/her property and usually doesn’t have vast amounts of spare time, to research & track down specific contractors; a property maintenance service could be something worth considering.

The Mistoria Group have a property management division trading under Mistoria Maintenance. This area of the business services landlords and tenants in properties being managed by Mistoria Lettings. By incorporating a property maintenance business under the group, this ensures that issues are dealt with quickly & efficiently and also assists the communication process. The team at our head office are able to act quickly and prioritise workloads in order to have maintenance enquiries dealt with promptly.

What are the timescales to repair for property maintenance services?

Mistoria have set guidelines to maintenance and repair time:

Urgent Repairs – first response within two hours, issue to be resolved within twenty four hours.
Examples include: boiler issues, electrical problems, leaks and security matters

Less Urgent – within 48-72 hours
Examples include: radiators, fridge/freezer, shower, cooking facilities and minor plumbing

General – within 4-7 days (working)
Examples include: Small electrical faults, dishwasher, washing machine, tiling, window cracks & seals

Minor repairs – within 7-24 days (working)
Examples include: interior, garden, small appliances, minor joinery repairs, entry systems

The Mistoria Group seek approval form all landlords for any maintenance areas that incur a cost of over £100.

If you’re looking for property maintenance services, please visit our website mistoriagroup.com or call 0800 500 3015. Alternatively, please email info@mistoriagroup.com and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.