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Managing the day to day running of the maintenance division at the Mistoria Group is no ‘walk in the park’.  Fortunately, Ian Comisky calm, committed and experienced approach ensures the process is always smooth and professional.

Having run his own joinery business for a long periods, Ian is a complete handy man, with skills in electrics  and plumbing, he started his maintenance career in the St Helen’s area.  An introduction to Mish Liyanage years ago prompted the beginning of their working relationship.  “I started off doing bits of work here and there for the Mistoria Group, before being offered the full contract for the maintenance division.” says Ian.  “The transition from self-employed to be heavily involved with Mistoria  has actually been seamless.  Luckily, I’m a ‘doer’, so I get the job done and Mish gives me plenty of free rein to do so.  We make mutual decisions together.”

The success of the maintenance element of the business is a juggling act, at which Ian  has become an expert.  A ‘typical’ day simply does not exist.  “I get up and go to work just like everybody else, but the difference is, I never know what I’m going to find once I get there!” he says.  “I can be up on a roof fixing a leak on one day, or undertaking garden clearance on the next.  It really is that varied and that’s the part I enjoy the most.  Boredom is never a factor in this role.”  Alex’s pro-active outlook is an attribute present in all the stakeholders  at the Mistoria Group and is surely, a contributory component to their continuing success?

“To my mind, the reason behind the on-going growth of the company is quite simple.” says Alex.  “Our roles are clearly defined with the most qualified person responsible for each area of the business.  It’s a well- oiled machine with a solid management structure in place.  Property remains a sound investment and Manchester and Liverpool are booming.  It’s an exciting time to be involved.”  What is clear is that under the management of Ian Comisky, the maintenance division of the Mistoria Group is a busy place and he has no plans to be anywhere else.  “I am very much enjoying the job, the people I work with and growing this essential side to the business.  I hope to be sticking around for quite some time!”