When going for a property refurbishment, you need to know you’re choosing the right people for the job. The last thing you want when paying so much for a property overhaul is to find shoddy work, mistakes, and covered up problems later down the line—especially if it affects your ability to let the property out.

Whether you need a roofer in or a dedicated property refurbishment company in Greater Manchester, there are some simple ways to ensure you’re not taking a big risk with your refurb.

Who can do property renovations?

Some businesses choose to focus solely on property renovation, making them a straightforward bunch to find.

However, given the building skills needed to renovate property, there’s often a lot of overlap with businesses that deal with areas like landscaping and roofing that will also offer property renovation.

It’s ill-advised to try and cobble together a team of various handymen and jacks-of-all-trades to bring together your renovation. Ideally, you want a contractor who can coordinate and oversee the plan, so that they can:

-Keep things to time

-Be your one point of contact for the duration of the job

-Keep things to budget and stick to their quote

-Manage materials and labour

The more experienced the contractor, the better they’ll be able to handle all of the above requirements.

How do I prepare for building renovations?

The extent of your property renovations will dictate how much preparation is needed. For work like moving beams or walls, you’ll need to ensure there’s a structural engineer on hand to check your plans and verify the integrity of the property if these things take place.

Seek planning permission if you need it, and check with your local authority if you’re unsure. More often than not, if you’re making major changes or alterations to the building like an extension, you’ll need permission.

Can anyone manage a renovation for me?

At Mistoria Renovations, we’re the one-stop shop solution for property owners looking to have their renovation handled by expert hands from the ground up. We’re a property renovation company serving Liverpool, Manchester, Salford, Bolton and other locations in the North West.

We procure the people, the materials, and take the time to ensure your dream becomes a reality with all the due care and attention it deserves. Whether you’re turning a large property into an HMO or looking to renovate and refurbish a rundown house, we have the expertise needed to oversee the project and make it a reality.

To talk to us about what we can do for your renovation, contact us today.