Cas-webSenior Manager – RFM

Juggling is an art Cassim Kaaba has perfected whilst working for the Mistoria Group.  As the Senior  Manager for their renovations, maintenance and furnishings businesses, life has never been busier.

“I knew from the age of eleven that I wanted to work in the property industry.” says Cassim Kaaba.  So, being offered the recent opportunity to manage the Mistoria Group’s RFM operations was not one he felt able to turn down.  Working predominantly for the lettings arm of the Company, Cassim’s role is threefold.

“In terms of maintenance all property concerns are directed to me.” he said.  “I ensure the tradesmen are able to do what is needed.  On the renovations side, I work with surveyors, ensure schedules are issued correctly and manage developments on a day to day basis.  Once a property is fully renovated, it needs to be completely furnished, right down to the white goods.  This is the process that I oversee.”

To describe Cassim’s role as ‘busy’ would be very much understated.  “It is of course a demanding job.” he says.  “There is also pressure, with the needs of customers and 650 tenancies to manage.  In addition, I can be dealing with up to twelve contractors at any one time, plus the paperwork!”

Pressure indeed.  Yet, Cassim, who has worked in the property industry for more than eight years and has a degree in business and finance, appears to take it all in his stride, although readily admits, he won’t be taking a break anytime soon.

“I haven’t got the work/life balance right quite yet.” he said.  “This role is a great opportunity for me and it’s evolving all the time.  It’s going to be busy for a while.  The most important thing for me is to keep customers happy.  I would like to reach a point where everything runs smoothly.  Perhaps then, I’ll take a holiday.  In the meantime, it’s head down, although I’ll always keep one eye on the beach!”

For the moment however, Cassim is keeping both eyes firmly focused on the job and is keen to acknowledge the achievements of the Mistoria Group thus far.  “The Company has accomplished so much in such a short space of time.” he says.  “To my mind, this is due to a good team, an excellent business model and Mish’s vision for growth.  He is a skilled juggler and very inspiring in many ways.  I’ve known some who have juggled less and failed.”