How many properties do you own?

I bought two ‘Armchair’ Investment properties in Salford through the Mistoria Group, one 12 months ago and the other, approximately 6 months ago. Work had already been undertaken on the properties by the Mistoria Group, they were fully furnished to a very high standard and had tenants in situ, so I didn’t need to do anything. The purchasing process for both properties was extremely smooth.

Why have you chosen to invest in the property market?

I decided that property was the right choice for me because of the current low interest rates. I wanted a better return on my capital. Fortunately, both properties have had tenants throughout the time I have owned them. Because Mistoria Lettings is the leading provider for student accommodation in the North West, there has been no problem in sourcing tenants.

Why did you choose to invest in the North West of England?

I live in the South West of England, where property is extremely expensive. Buying investment property in this part of the country was out of the question and the North West is a growing market. The numbers just added up and I am enjoying a consistent income stream. I’ll be keeping hold of the properties for the long term.

Why did you choose to invest through the Mistoria Group?

Once I had decided to invest in the Manchester area, I met with the team at the Mistoria Group. They were very professional, transparent and honest and all dealings with them have been extremely good. With a trading history of more than 5 years, their sound financial record made the decision to part with my hard earned money, easier. I would thoroughly recommend their services to others who are seeking a similar investment.

More flexibility for pensioners

Property has become a more and more popular choice of investment for the over 50’s demographic, with an increasing number of retirees choosing bricks and mortar over traditional methods, such as pensions. Recent amendments to how pensions are managed, announced in the budget, will give retirees further flexibility as to how they invest their money. With this new found freedom, a surge in the buy-to-let market is inevitable. “The radical pensions reforms are likely to trigger a huge surge in buy-to-let investment as the over-55s look to make use of their pension pots to get maximum returns. Property investment is still streets ahead compared to any other form of investment returns.” says Stuart Law of Assetz. “Potential investors would be wise to look not just to the South East, where purchase prices are exceptionally high. Northern city centres such as Manchester, Leeds, Lancaster, Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield are performing well.” * Source: The Telegraph.

Investing through the Mistoria Group

The Mistoria group specialise in the high yielding student and professional accommodation, delivering a strong monthly cashflow and annual cash net yields of 13% (rent and capital), depending on the type of property investment product chosen. With the rate of return on student property higher than any other property type in recent years and student numbers set to remain strong, investing in the student market can provide an excellent return on your investment, with the right company.

If you are an investor and would like to discuss our current property investment deals in the North of England, why not call one of the team today on: 0800 500 3015 or use our contact page to drop us a line.