Interested in property investment in Manchester?

Regardless of whether you’re the landlord of a handful of homes, or you’ve developed a healthy portfolio of properties across the country, you won’t want to overlook the fantastic property investment opportunities in Manchester.

Is property in Manchester a good investment?

A diverse and energetic UK city, Manchester is considered one of the best locations for property investment right now.

With house prices predicated to rise in the city by countless property investment experts and a surge in demand for Manchester housing, there’s plenty of high-yield opportunities that landlords can benefit from if they act now.

Why Manchester property is a smart choice for investors?

A winning combination for property investors – Manchester offers investment opportunities with great yields and low (but also rising!) property prices.

Carry on reading to discover why Manchester should be top of your list as a landlord.

Great yields

Depending on the exact location of the investment property in Manchester, landlords can expect promising and solid rental yields of anywhere between 3.6 and 11.8 per cent.

With rental yields between five and eight per cent often considered ‘good’, there’s plenty of opportunity here to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Low property prices

Low property prices speak for themselves – there’s nothing better than bagging a bargain! Properties with lower prices also tend to be those in less prosperous neighbourhoods or home that require repairs which can lower competition and

This also means that you’ll need to invest less of your own money, which typically means less risk if things don’t go as planned or you need to change your approach.

Rising house prices

While property prices are still affordable, crucially, they are rising. For landlords, this means the capital they’ve put into their investment property in Manchester is protected by this type of long-term investment.

When you’re ready to sell your property investment in Manchester, you should be able to benefit from higher future sale prices.

Higher demand

Based on information provided by Manchester City Council, Manchester is experiencing massive population growth and there’s no sign that this significant influx of people will slow down anytime soon!

In fact, they predict that their current population of 600,000 people will increase by 30,000 over the next six years.

This means there’s going to be even more demand for property, something that investors can supply!

Is Manchester a good place to buy-to-let?

When purchasing a buy-to-let (BTL) investment property in Manchester, it’s important to consider what the city has to offer your target tenant.

From the culture to job opportunities, doing your research can be essential to picking a location with the best yields.

Increase in technology sector jobs

With many landlords targeting young professionals as their ideal tenant, it’s important to choose an area with plenty of job opportunities.

Fortunately, Manchester’s technology sector is booming thanks to an influx of coders, developers, and entrepreneurs alongside a diverse range of tech companies, including big industry names as well as start-ups.

This means more jobs are available in the technology sector, helping to attract young professionals and explain the city’s surging popularity.

Sought-after lifestyle

Ranked by Time Out as the one of the best cities to live in, Manchester came 15th in their top 50 cities.

Among others, they noted the thriving food scene, underground clubbing, and wide range of entertainment options (such as alternative music and the city’s comedy circuit), as some of the biggest pull factors for young people.

Emphasis on sport

Manchester and sport go hand in hand. Home to two world-class football clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United, as well cricket, netball, rugby, and swimming clubs, Manchester is prime location for sporting fanatics.

The city frequently hosts international sporting events and has fantastic sports facilities making it attractive to young and active individuals.

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