CBRE have announced that the UK’s total property investment is set to surpass last years total of £2 billion, with £1.5 billion already invested in the sector there is to be an expected surge over the next 3 months to the end of Q4.

Property agent JLL has reported that £220 million worth of student property was under offer at the end of Q3 and an expected £360 million has already been marked for the end of the year.

These statistics show that the total student property investments for 2013 is set to be beaten, it was only 2 years ago that the £2 billion mark was first reached, proving that it is a fast growing industry.

CBRE also found that 88% of the total property investments  for the year so far have been outside London, other areas of the UK such as Manchester and Northern England are attracting investors with promising HMO projects and high rental yields.

The number of overseas investors have also seen a large increase, at the end of 2013 numbers had risen to 52% of the total investors for that year. We believe these figures show that investors are taking advantage of the UK’s thriving student property market.

One of the reasons that the student investment property sector is booming is due to enrolment numbers for universities.  According to UCAS the volume of students accepted into university for the 2014/2015 academic year was at an all-time high and is only set to keep increasing in the future.

High returns on investment are also attracting investors, a typical HMO investment can provide returns of 11.23%, which is much higher than an average returns on an investment with a bank.

Mistoria are specialists in student property HMO investment, with properties around the North of England in all of the major university towns. We have a range of different property investment types to suit all of our clients needs, we also have some investments designed for overseas property investors.

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