The eurozone crisis hasn’t done the property market in Spain any favours. At one point, a relaxing stroll around a small town would present visuals of scaffolding, cranes and building materials on empty sites; the impression that one day, builders had left the site never to return. The reality is, the Spanish property market changed almost overnight, property prices crashed and for those wanting to escape, it was nigh on impossible to sell.

The UK property investment market battles with the recession

Spain’s situation wasn’t in isolation, the eurozone crisis affected Greece and France to name a few and the UK property investment market has certainly been through tough times also.

The UK recession has impacted not only on finances, businesses and consumer lending but has also seriously hindered the property market with the lack of new sales. The banks and building societies became nervous to lend and we’ve recently seen the withdrawal of the interest only mortgage due to consumers not having a repayment solution in place to clear the outstanding balances at the end of the term. However, despite the average homebuyer struggling to get that foot on the housing ladder, it seems as though property investors are making the most of the stagnant market and are snapping up UK property investments whilst the going is good and prices are at a low.

Overseas investors are seeking UK property investments

Due to the reduction in house prices, more and more overseas investors are seeking UK property investments. This activity is not just to serve as a future investment as prices will inevitably increase but also to serve as extra income which will be gained from rental yields.

It has been considered that now is the best time to explore the possibility of a UK property investment. Rental demand is high as there is a shortage of available mortgages and this is also driving up the rental yields.

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