Today we have a property market which is feeling the pinch from the boom back in 2008. Property prices are slowly creeping lower, residential buyers are finding mortgages difficult to obtain (without hefty deposits) and a large number of residential sellers find they’re at a sticking point unable to move due to negative equity – so what does this mean for the UK property investment market?

Is now the time to purchase in the UK property investment market?

One could say that this was the perfect time to purchase investment property in the UK. Property prices are low, there are fewer mortgages available & larger deposits required which is pushing up the rental demand and vendors are keen to sell because of the lack of movement.

Cash rich property investors looking to invest in today’s market could essentially grow their portfolio at a fraction of what it would have cost them several years ago however, just purchasing the property is not nearly enough.

For investors purchasing HMO or buy-to-let property, simply slapping a lick of paint on it will not be enough to achieve high rental yields. As first time buyers have effectively been priced out of the market, the rental industry has reached its peak therefore leaving the power in the hands of the tenant. Should internal specification not step up to the mark, investors are leaving themselves in for hefty void periods whilst tenants move on to properties with sophisticated interiors that come fully loaded with today’s mod cons.

How to make your UK property investment stand out from the crowd in today’s market

The Mistoria Group are specialists in the property investment market and having a lettings division under our belt means that we understand the marketplace and understand what is required & expected of a rental property. Gone are the old square television sets which require a wooden heavyweight stand and 2 foot of space, we’ve also said goodbye to the old hi-fi stereo systems complete with turntables. Mistoria properties all have state of the art flat screen TVs and ultra-modern iPod docking stations complete with fitted kitchens and high specification interior décor. With the plethora of rental properties available, investors need to evaluate their target market and anticipate differentiators over similar properties in the same area in order to maximise returns.

If you are a property investor or are considering purchasing your first investment property, The Mistoria Group have a number of opportunities available; from joint ventures to fully loaded ‘ready to go’ properties. Call our team today to find out more about our group and how we can help on 0800 500 3015 or visit Alternatively, email us at and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.