student property investmentThe Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) have found that many landlords who purchase and manage properties themselves are having difficulties making profits. It is thought that this is mainly due to confusion over fair wear and tear policies.

The AIIC found that 45% of disputes over wear and tear were raised by landlords and of these only 1 in 5 received the amount of money they felt was owed.

The National Landlords Association have also found that 27% of landlords who own a single property do not make a profit or are just breaking even. These figures suggest that traditional landlords are struggling to manage the property and its tenants themselves.

Using an investment company for your Student accommodation investments as an alternative to being a traditional self-managed landlord offers several benefits such as the management of the property. Agencies oversee everything on behalf of the investor, finding the tenants, maintaining the assets, resolving disputes and ensuring that rent is paid on time.

Using an investment company to manage your student let reduces the stress, leaving investors to enjoy the benefits of a steady return on their investment.

Student accommodation is in high demand and universities cannot provide enough accommodation for all of their students, leaving a gap in the market for property investors. High demand for student property means that rooms shouldn’t go empty and investors can enjoy a good return on their investment.

At Mistoria we are able to offer a full investment service which includes advising property investors on the best locations for student housing around the North West.

If you are looking to invest in property in the North West Mistoria can help you find something that meets your requirements and there is information on different types of property investment available on this website.

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