Struggling to find the best investment properties? Maybe it’s time to reconsider (or develop!) your property investment strategy! By taking a calculated, considered and targeted approach, you could stand to significantly increase your returns and create a stronger and more successful property portfolio.

Regardless of whether you choose to focus on Manchester’s booming student accommodation market or you would rather specialise in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) for single professionals in Liverpool, adopting a solid property investment strategy can help you pinpoint and purchase the best properties for your chosen investment.

Luckily, the expert property investment team at Mistoria Group is on hand to point you in the right direction.

Buy-to-let investments

Often considered a reliable and safe investment option, buy-to-let (BTL) properties are a great choice for inexperienced investors looking to start their property portfolio. They typically deliver modest returns, but can be financed with a mortgage. These properties often increase in value over time, reducing risk to the investor.

To bolster the buy-to-let’s capital growth, picking the right location is essential. Here at Mistoria Group, we have years of experience sourcing profitable buy-to-let property investments in North West England. This includes in-demand areas and thriving metropolises like Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester and Salford, so you can rest assured that we’ll identify the best properties for investment.

Student property investment

If you’re keen to focus on the UK’s growing student accommodation market, you’ll be pleased to hear it has plenty of irresistible benefits for a wide range of property investors. Boasting attractive yields, tax perks like no Stamp Duty, strong market demand and longer assured returns, student property investments can prove to be an lucrative venture.

Here at Mistoria Group, our student property investment opportunities are known for their high-yields and are typically favoured by investors that prefer a hands-off approach because these properties are more often fully-managed by the letting agent. Some sought-after student housing locations in the North West include the lively cities of Manchester and Liverpool, both of which have the ability to deliver net returns of up to 10 per cent.

HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation)

HMOs have some crossover with student property investments due to the fact that HMOs are suitable for students as well as single professionals. Designed to house at least three individuals from separate households under one roof, these properties often have shared communal areas (kitchen/living space/bathroom) with each tenant having their own private bedroom.

Single professionals often gravitate towards HMOs thanks to their affordability, while investors stand to benefit from higher yields and fewer rental void periods than the standard BTL property. At Mistoria Group, we have years of invaluable experience refurbishing and managing HMO properties, and we can even support your search for a HMO by introducing you to merchant investment.

Merchant investment allows a cash buyer to purchase an HMO property for Below Market Value (BMV). They then renovate and refurbish the property to create a higher value, lower cost investment property.

To find out more about the advantages of this type of property investment and how we can help you to develop an effective HMO strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Commercial property investment

Commercial property investment simply refers to buying non-residential property such as retail units, warehouses, offices and even leisure centres and schools. Viewed as a more volatile type of property investment, commercial property investment is typically favoured by more experienced investors. However, thanks to the higher income yields, capital growth potential and steady stream of income, adopting this strategy can (and often does!) pay off.

Luckily, the talented team at Mistoria Group can support you on your search for commercial property investments. Even if you have experience with BTL or HMO properties, diversifying and balancing your property portfolio with a commercial property investment could be the key to protecting your investment from recessions and other economic and financial instability. Why not bulletproof your property investments today?

Holiday homes

According to Sykes, the average holiday home let earns the owner a substantial £21,000 per year. When compared to BTL properties, holiday homes can earn more money in just one week than a long-term BTL property will earn in a month. This potential for impressive returns paired with an increase in UK staycations and tax benefits (including Business Rates relief and Capital Gains tax relief), makes holiday homes an attractive proposal for many property investors.

Here at Mistoria Group, our team is on hand to provide expert property investment advice, helping you to identify the best spots in the UK to buy a holiday home. Regardless of whether you’re new to the world of property investment or want to expand your property portfolio with something new and exciting, holiday homes are only gaining popularity and present a fantastic investment opportunity.

Mistoria Group property investment

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