Did you know that celebrities are some of the biggest property investors? That’s right, from Mick Jagger to The Beckhams, there are many celebrities in all kinds of industries who are investors in the property market. So, that is why we have created this article to give you a deeper and more detailed insight into our top 5 celebrity portfolios. Read below…

Harry Styles

The youngest celebrity on this list is none other than the pop superstar himself, Harry Styles. The Cheshire-born musician has a whopping £29,250,000 total property value! It is estimated that he owns 3 UK properties as of last year, for a 30-year-old, he’s not doing too shabby!


We all know and love her; Adele has a total property value of £31,150,000. It is estimated that as of 2023, she owns approximately 5 properties across the UK. According to the press, Adele purchased a home from Hollywood legend, Sylvester Stallone! The Beverly Hills home was purchased for $58 million. Now, that is what dreams are made of!

Mick Jagger

Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger is of course on this list. His total property value is £35,000,000! This gigantic number has led the musician to own a variety of homes from New York to London. His most famous property has got to be the historic Downe House property in Richmond Hill, Richmond-Upon-Thames, London.

The Beckhams

Probably one of the most iconic couples of the modern era, David and Victoria Beckham, had to be included on our list. With a total property value of just over £37 million, this family currently own a variety of properties across the globe. From Miami to London, the Beckhams know how to invest in the property market!

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is probably the most successful property investor on our list. With a breathtaking total property value of over £126 million and around 25 UK properties to his name, this man is certainly unstoppable in the property market!

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