When it comes to the responsibilities of being a landlord, you must be HMO compliant.

Compliance will help you stay protected and leave little to no room for error. In this article, we are going to be sharing some insight into the regrettable cost of not being HMO compliant as a landlord. So, get your pens and paper ready, let’s begin…

What Does HMO Mean?

If this is a new subject to you or you just need a refresher, we are going to explain the definition of HMO.

HMO, otherwise known as Houses in Multiple Occupation, is a phrase used in the property world which is a type of shared housing. A landlord of an HMO must have a compliant license before letting out the property to tenants. Failure to comply can result in serious consequences such as costly fines.

What Can Happen If You Aren’t HMO Compliant?

Now, not being HMO compliant can lead to serious consequences. Unlicensed HMOs can receive a penalty. These penalties are such a costly mistake and of course you want to avoid this. You could even risk having goods confiscated or in some cases, prison time.

The HMO requirements can be complex, so it is important to know that you can get advice from a trusted and seamless service provider like us. Renting without the correct HMO license is a criminal offence and will lead to prosecution.

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