Outside of Mistoria’s work as specialists in student property investments in the UK, we support a range of community projects both in the UK and internationally. With our CEO Mish Liyanage’s family background coming from Sri Lanka, we have chosen to support some fantastic causes for young people and those who have suffered through conflict.

As a company that is heavily involved in the housing sector in the North West, we have also joined forces with several other businesses and individuals in the region to work to reduce homelessness in the local community.

In this, the second in a series of blog posts exploring the work of the projects we support, we tell you about the work of the APSL (Association of Professional Sri Lankans) and its Scholarship Scheme.

The APSL Scholarship Scheme

Education is an incredibly important element in overcoming poverty and developing individuals. Many Sri Lankans in the UK recognise that their education enabled them to achieve personal economic success.

Education became free after Sri Lankan independence in 1948. However, more recently, it has become highly competitive and costly, thereby putting a good education beyond the reach of the poor.

The APSL wanted to ensure that even the poorest children in Sri Lanka had access to an education so that they could achieve their full potential.  Therefore, in 2014, to mark the Association’s 10th birthday, they launched the Scholarship Scheme. They aimed to work towards a peaceful, just, and prosperous country. They now fund scholarships for highly gifted children aged 9 to 17 who, without the support, would be forced to drop out of school. Teachers in local schools help coordinators identify children who are most at risk.

It is not only the child who benefits from schooling. An education can transform both a family and a whole community.

Eventually, an education can transform a whole country.

The Scholarship Scheme provides Sri Lankans in the UK with a simple and efficient channel for ‘putting something back’, that will help transform the lives of the next generation, allowing them to reach their full potential. The Scheme also allows friends of Sri Lanka an opportunity to contribute to an initiative that will make a lasting difference in the lives of poor.

Mistoria are a key supporter of the APSL Scholarship Scheme.

For further information on the association please visit their website http://www.apsl.org.uk/